Return your Synth

In the unlikely event that you are not totally satisfied with the performance or utility of your Synth, you can return it to Persona Synthetics, no questions asked.

We will dispatch one of our collection agents to disable and repackage your Synth, ready for transport.

Returns information

All malfunctioning Synths must be picked up by our collection agents.

It is important that you do not try to reset a malfunctioning Synth yourself.

Any Synths with missing limbs are not covered by your warranty and as such will not be collected.

Reason for return

If your Synthetic Human is suffering an unusual technical malfunction then please talk to our Synth operated live chat service for more detailed information. Due to a spike in returns we are no longer accepting ‘unattractiveness’ as a reason for return.

Goodwill refunds

In exceptional circumstances we will consider a goodwill refund. However this does not cover human error or negligence. Please send all goodwill claims to our PR team for further analysis.


Due to high demand we are currently unable to provide Synth replacements at this time.