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Meet our next generation Synthetic Humans

Important notice to customers

Product safety recall

In recent days a small number of Synths have been experiencing some technical difficulties. With this in mind we have decided to initiate a precautionary and entirely voluntary product recall.

For support, returns and collections please use the tools below.

Humans Returns Sunday 30th October 9pm

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Our latest generation of Synthetic Humans are more powerful than ever before.

Persona Synthetics is the #1 worldwide vendor of premium Synthetic Humans for the leisure and business markets. We're proud that our name has come to mean quality.

All models are fully documented and exhaustively tested before sale, with full service histories provided. At Persona, your peace of mind isn't an optional extra.

  • Model name Walter
  • Model no. PS AH-F01
  • Processor 7CX-CNS “Decacore”
  • Model name Poppy
  • Model no. PS SM-Z91
  • Processor 7CX-CNS “Decacore”

7CX-CNS “Decacore” Processor

Our latest generation neural processor is up to 7x more efficient than ever before, allowing your Synth to be even better at multitasking with a minimal error rate of 0.02%.

Tests conducted in a controlled laboratory environment. Production units may vary. Persona Synthetics take no responsibility for the actions of Synths that are not running the latest firmware update. Factory resets should only be carried out by certified Persona Synthetic technicians.