Frequently Asked Questions

Persona Synthetics is the #1 worldwide vendor of premium consumer Synthetic Humans for the leisure and business markets. We're proud that our name has come to mean quality.

Our most frequently asked questions are below. If your query is not covered on this page use our live chat feature to talk directly to one of our Synthetic Operators.

What is a Synth?
A Synth is a term used to describe a ‘Synthetic Human’. Persona Synthetics is proud to be the #1 supplier of premium Synthetic Humans around the world.
How can I become a part of the Persona Synthetics family?
Please head to our careers page for the list of our latest employment opportunities and available roles.
Can I try out the new Synth models?
Beta testers will have the opportunity to experiment with our latest Synthetic Human models. See the Beta testing page for more information.
What to do if my synth malfunctions?
In the unlikely event that your Synth experiences technical difficulties please report it to our customer service team immediately. They can be contacted via the live chat feature. It is vital that you do not attempt to confront or reset a malfunctioning synth.
Where do I send my malfunctioning Synth?
Just enter your post code into our collections request page and we will dispatch a trained Persona Synthetics agent to collect your Synth immediately. Alternatively you can download a returns label from our returns page.
Is my Synth dangerous?
Every Persona Synthetics Synth has one primary objective that overrides all others: to keep humans safe. However Persona Synthetics cannot be held responsible for any injuries that may occur when tampering with a malfunctioning Synth. To report a malfunctioning Synth click on our live chat feature.
Is there someone I can talk to?
We have set up a designated customer returns page on eBay to deal with all user enquiries. For an instant response please visit our live chat feature and you will be connected to a Synthetic operator.